What can I put down a Drain?

It is usually a persons fault when a blockage occurs because they have not been paying attention as to what should be going down the drain. People think they can put any old junk down there and that the drain will deal with it. This is only causing problems for the householder in the long run and should be avoided and thought given as to what needs to  go down the drain.

There are several things a house owner can do to avoid blockages through normal daily use a simple rule of thumb is to not put anything into the system that will not dissolve or break down, many people seem to think that because it says disposable on the packet you can flush it down the pan and it magically disappears. Disposable nappies, sanitary goods and cotton buds are not designed to pass around the U bend and into the drainage system.

These materials can cause a big blockage which in turn can a serious leak. More often than not when Plymouth Drain Unblocking are called out, it is not actually the toilet that is the problem, the problem will be outside and further down the system but the water level in the pan is affected due to trapped air within the drainage system. And often, customers could probably fix the toilet themselves. 

The most common causes of  blocked drains include:

  • Grease and fat
  • Hair
  • Tree roots and debris
  • Foreign objects
  • Food waste

You need to be mindful of what gets put down the drain. There is no point is sending down any old object and hoping for the best. You need to consider what the drain is designed for and if the item wish to place down the drain might be better flushed down or placed in the bin. Many items should be placed in a bin and not a drain such as a sanitary towel or a wet wipe.


Foreign Objects

People all too often put items down the drain that were not designed to be flushed down a drain. They put sanitary towels, thick tissue, needles and make-up. This will block the drains like you would not believe so don’t put it down the drain, put it in the bin!

Hair going down the drain is a problem as any householder will know. If the hair mixes with grease you will find that blockages become an inevitability and you will suffer blocked pipes on a regular basis.

Blocked Drain Plymouth recommend that you sweep your garden regularly and try to make sure that leaves do not end up down the drain as this will cause the drain to block and may well end up in costly drain unblocking if the leaves enter the system and cause deeper problems down the drain.