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How do you unblock a toilet?

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When your toilet becomes blocked, it can be a huge inconvenience. A serious blockage can cause a large amount of damage and become very expensive to rectify, but there are steps you can take if the blockage is not too large. It is important that you do not ignore the problem once you’ve spotted it as this can cause the blockage to grow in size. To save yourself time and money with a small blockage, there are small actions you can take to clear the pipes and prevent a bigger problem occurring.

The most important part of clearing any blockage is to avoid flushing. If you have already tried to flush the toilet unsuccessfully, no amount of flushing will dislodge whatever has become blocked in the drains. Continuing to flush the toilet will only make the water rise and you could risk the bowl overflowing. It can also pose a serious health risk as the toilet bowl can fill up with dirty water, which may lead to sewage flooding your bathroom.

Once you’ve figured out that there is a blockage somewhere, the next step is to locate where the problem is. If this is not somewhere you feel you can reach, then call Blocked Drain Plymouth – we can reach any point in your pipes. The most obvious way to do this is to put on some rubber gloves and feel around the base of the toilet bowl and the pipes leading into the bowl. If you come across any waste or excess amounts of toilet paper, you can begin to loosen the build up which is likely the cause of the blockage. Another indicator lies in the water chamber: if the chamber is empty, the problem lies in the pipes between the chamber and the toilet, but if the chamber is full then the blockage is further down the soil pipes.